Reiki Classes

Level I: Basic Training: Receive your first degree attunement. Learn hand positions for self and others; how to do group healing; scanning for assessment; grounding and clearing for self and others; how to contact your inner guidance; developing your intuition; introduction to the energy systems of the body, including the aura and chakras; more.
2-day class: Cost $195

Level II: Understanding and Using the Symbols: Receive second degree attunement. Focus on learning the symbols and their use for distance healing past, present and future; non-distance use in daily life, and for personal healing; use of symbols for healing others; healing attunements for self and others; Using the energy systems of the body for Reiki healing; energy exercises.
2-day class: Cost $250

Reiki for Practitioners: Level II attunement and working knowledge of symbols is required. All lineages welcome. Class includes: Using the symbols for in-depth client work; Hypnotic language for practitioners; How to use Reiki in a clinical setting; setting up a Reiki practice; Assessment using scanning, and the chakras; Using the symbols in Healing work; Healing attunements for specific issues; color in Reiki healing work; using crystals for Reiki healing. And more.
2-day class: Cost $250

Level III Master Level Training:

Part I: Teacher Training: Receive third degree attunement; Learn Third degree symbols; learn to pass attunements. Discuss what is involved in teaching Reiki. Design your own Reiki Teaching Program. Learn advanced energy and breathing practices. Meditation practices. Receive teaching certificate.
1-day class: Cost $175

Part II: Advanced Reiki Practices for the Serious Practitioner. Part I required: Advanced Healing attunements, self-attunement and distance attunements; psychic surgery: removing energy intrusions. More advanced energy and breathing practices. Receive full third degree certificate.
1-day class: Cost $175

Shamanic Reiki Basics: Part I. Level II attunement and working knowledge of symbols required. All lineages welcome. Learn the meaning of shamanism. Learn basic journeying; meet Spirit guides, learn how to work with the symbols and your guides; receive your personal symbols; Power animal retrieval; Basic practices.
1-day class: Cost $125

Shamanic Reiki Basics Part II. Disconnect harmful energetic chords, remove energy blocks, remove energy intrusions, access the past for healing, and access Past Life experiences to heal the present.
1-day class: Cost $125

Other Class Offerings

Embodiment: Getting what you want out of life. Learn experiential techniques for discovering your authentic self and how to manifest what you really want on your life. Homework.
8 weeks: 2-hour class once per week. Cost $150

Basic Hypnosis: Learn basic relaxation techniques, hypnotic language, and guided visualizations for receiving inner guidance. Learn how to use these practices for another person. Receive printed scripts and CDs for home practice.
1-day class

Basic EFT (Meridian Tapping): learn how to release troubling emotions, relax deeply and access your innate problem solving ability. Bring any issue you want to work on in class: we all benefit from working together.
4-hour class

EFT for Smoking Cessation: Learn to eliminate cravings for tobacco and release inner emotional blocks that hinder your ability to quit smoking for good.
4-hour class

EFT for Weight Release: Learn to eliminate food cravings; and uncover the emotional reasons you are holding onto the weight. Share your experience in a safe environment and benefit from working with others.
4-hour class

Cancer Guided Imagery for Healing