Reiki for Cancer

Although the efficacy of Reiki treatments for cancer is largely anecdotal, Reiki is known to:

  • Reduce pain levels

  • Create deep relaxation and a sense of well-being

  • Promote sleep

  • Support the immune system 

Frequency of treatments can increase the healing experienced.

Reiki is a complementary treatment that enhances the effectiveness of conventional treatments.

Whereever you are in your cancer treatments, Reiki

  • Can enhance the effectiveness of the treatments

  • Reduce side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy

  • Help the body recover from surgery

  • Promote deep healing of the physical body.

*Self-Reiki can be practiced daily to further enhance the healing process.

*After receiving an attunement from the Master Practitioner, the client can begin daily self-treatments

Reiki is a specific frequency of the Universal Life Force Energy that is channeled through the hands of the healer into the energy field and body of the client. The Reiki energy fills the person's aura, chakras, and physical body. It is spirit, or God directed healing energy that can only be used for healing, never harm.

As a skilled practitioner, I use the symbols and spirit guidance to heal all aspects of body, mind, and spirit, combining aura cleansing and healing, hands-on physical healing, and guided visualizations with interactive processes for powerful healing at all levels.

Hands-on sessions and attunements are available on Bainbridge Island, WA. Distance work is available anywhere.

Hands-on sessions:

90-minute sessions $95
2-hour sessions $130
Attunements: $150 (includes instruction plus self-practice CD)

Guided Imagery for Healing Cancer: Private or group sessions


Shellie’s testimonial:

"Last year I was diagnosed with Epithelial Sarcoma in my left arm. I went through five weeks of radiation, five days a week. At the end of these sessions my skin was very, very red, swollen, inflamed and peeling. Mary did Reiki treatments healing my arm as well as my well being. When I returned to see my oncologists at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, they were completely amazed at the transformation of my skin: normal tone and color, no swelling or pain.

I am a great believer in the healing power of Reiki. We do not need to suffer unnecessarily.

Mary also did Reiki before and after each of my four surgeries, further enhancing my recovery.

Mary has worked with me over the past several years, improving the quality of my life, and for this I am very thankful.”

Shellie Yette, RDH

About Me

My own healing experience:

In 1998 I was diagnosed with cancer. During the next nine months I underwent two surgeries and radiation treatments, which left me weak and ill.

I began learning Reiki as part of my healing process after the first surgery.

Self-treatment combined with receiving Reiki from a qualified practitioner, and participation in a Reiki Healing Circle were a major part of my successful healing process, and the beginning of my healing journey which continues to this day.

It is my intention to share the lessons I have learned along the way with others and to help people with cancer move through their challenges with ease and conscious awareness.

Mary Bonnier
Registered Transpersonal Hypnotherapist,
ULC Monastery Minister,
Reiki Master